Welcome to the Broadway Art Enterprises affiliate program.
To become an Affiliate, please:
 1).   Read the Broadway Art Enterprises Affiliate Agreement by either clicking on the button at left or scrolling through the Agreement, below. Indicate your agreement to its terms and conditions by clicking on the button below reading “I Agree.”
 2).   The information under the Affiliate FAQs button at left answers questions frequently asked about the Broadway Art Enterprises Affiliate Program.
 3).   After you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you will fill out an on-line form giving your URL details, contact information etc.
 4).   Under the Affiliate Link Download button at left, you will find images you may download to use as links from your web site to ww.broadwayart.com. After your Affiliate application has been accepted, you may download one or more of these Affiliate Links. You will also receive an email containing your Affiliate Code, which will be used in conjunction with your Affiliate Link to track customers referred by your web site.
You will also receive a login password giving you access to a page where you may review sales made to those customers, as well as all fees due you for those referrals under the terms of the Affiliate Agreement.

I have read the terms and conditions of the Broadway Art Enterprises affiliates program.
I agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.